FAQ: You’re not planning to switch to a subscription-based model for TypeIt4Me are you?

No, we’re not. That’s not how we roll. We have never seriously considered moving to a subscription model (compulsory or otherwise) and we have no plans to do so. As far as we can recall, in 25 years, we have only changed the standard full price twice: when we lowered it from $30 to $27 and when we lowered it again from $27 to $19.99.

When you buy a TypeIt4Me licence, the app is yours to keep and use as you see fit, for as long as you like. The licence is generally good for about 3 years’ worth of free minor version (i.e. 5.x.x) updates. Major paid upgrades come along roughly once every 3-5 years. Upgrade licences cost just $8.99 for all registered customers – no matter how long ago they originally purchased TypeIt4Me. We don’t force anyone to upgrade.

If we ever were to introduce a subscription plan it would be optional, offered as an alternative to a standalone, one-off purchase fee. We would give people the choice of how they prefer to pay for their software and keep it up to date (or not). Hope this puts your mind at ease.

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