TypeIt4Me 6 versus the Mac App Store version

What’s the difference? Good question! Want the short answer first? Here’s a summary of the situation:

TypeIt4Me 6 – available directly from us – has newer features and is being actively developed.
The Mac App Store TypeIt4Me is permanently frozen at version 5.4.x. Apple won’t let us update it.
You can upgrade from the Mac App Store TypeIt4Me to version 6 *free of charge* by sending us your receipt from Apple as proof of purchase. We’ll send you a free upgrade code for TypeIt4Me 6.
Mac App Store Ettore Software Store
Version number: 5.4.9 6.2.2
Code audited by Apple engineers
Buy with Apple-ID
Buy without Apple-ID
iCloud sync with iOS app
iCloud sync with other Macs
Dropbox & Google Drive sync options
Snippet search window
Point-and-click snippet insertion
Multiple active snippet sets
Non-clipboard expansion
Maintenance / bug fix releases
Feature updates
Email tech support

Now here’s the long answer:

It’s a little tricky to explain and this may make your eyes glaze over, but here goes. The TypeIt4Me available on the Mac App Store is a legacy version, 5.4.9. TypeIt4Me was made available on the App Store in 2011, prior to the introduction of Apple’s strict sandboxing policy that mandates apps sold through that channel must now be entirely self-contained. Apple has graciously permitted non-sandboxed apps like ours to remain on sale on the Mac App Store, but TypeIt4Me must remain frozen at version 5.4.x there. While we will continue to offer tech support and fix minor bugs, we are not allowed to add new features to it.

As a result, we now maintain two different versions of TypeIt4Me for two different distribution channels: the legacy 5.4.x version you can buy through Apple and a newer version available directly from us, that’s under continued development and will go on receiving new features over time.

The latest direct sale version is 6.2.2 and it now has a more advanced feature set than the Mac App Store version. Among other things, it offers a floating snippet search-and-insert window, a non-clipboard expansion method and the ability to activate multiple snippet sets simultaneously. It also offers a choice of syncing snippets with other Macs via Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive or a shared network folder.

Previously, an important distinction was that only the Mac App Store version of TypeIt4Me was able to handle automatic 2-way syncing of snippets with the iOS TypeIt4Me Touch app via iCloud. This was due to Apple’s early policy of restricting iCloud access exclusively to apps sold on its Mac App Store. That limitation has since been lifted and so TypeIt4Me 6 is now able to sync snippets via iCloud with the TypeIt4Me Touch iOS app.

So, which version is right for you? That depends. Most people would be better off downloading TypeIt4Me 6.2.2. By popular request, we’ve left TypeIt4Me 5.4.9 available in the Mac App Store for customers who prefer the convenience and added peace of mind that comes with purchasing from Apple. If you are one of the many Mac users who are reluctant to relax the gatekeeper setting that prevents apps downloaded outside Apple’s Mac App Store from running, then TypeIt4Me 5.4.9 is the version for you. However, only the direct sale version available from the Ettore Software website will continue to get updates and new features over time and the feature gap is already widening; you may want to factor that in to your purchasing decision. If you’ve purchased TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store within the last couple of years and you’d like to switch, you are welcome to migrate to the direct sale version free of charge: just email us your Mac App Store receipt and we’ll send you a new licence.

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