FAQ: Where are snippet sets stored? I’d like to know so I can make manual backup copies.

In TypeIt4Me versions 5.4.5 – 6.0, local “Sets on this Mac” are stored in:
‘[yourusername]/Library/Application Suport/TypeIt4Me/Sets/’.
Apple hides your user library by default; to reveal it, click on Go in your Finder menu bar, hold down the option key and click on Library when it appears in the menu.

iCloud TypeIt4Me sets are stored locally within
‘[yourusername]/Library/Mobile Documents/TypeIt4Me’.

Sets synced via Dropbox and Google Drive will be in a folder named TypeIt4Me at the top level of your Dropbox / Google Drive folder.

If you want to manually make backup copies of your files, there is a useful shortcut for getting straight to a set file in Finder. Select it in the list of TypeIt4Me sets then click once on its name where it appears at the top left of the main TypeIt4Me window, e.g. click on the word Examples where you see “Active Set: Examples (24 snippets)”.

Alternatively, if you have Time Machine set to back up the full contents of your Mac user account, you can use Time Machine to restore TypeIt4Me sets like you would any other files. Once again, the files are stored in your user library, which Apple hides by default. To restore from Time Machine:

1. Plug in your external backup drive / Time Capsule
2. Click on Go in the Finder menu bar.
3. Hold down the alt key.
4. Click on Library when it appears in the menu.
5. Navigate to Application Support > TypeIt4Me > Sets
6. Launch Time Machine
7. Navigate to the most recent backup of the Sets folder(s) you want and restore.

That’s it for TypeIt4Me 5.4.5 – 6.0. Older versions of TypeIt4Me allow you to save your files anywhere you like on your Mac. If you’re still using version 5.4 or an even older version and you’ve forgotten where you chose to save your clippings file, hover your mouse over its name in the pulldown menu at the top left of the app window to reveal the path to your file in a tooltip. Alternatively, you could perform a Finder search for files ending with the extension .typeit4me and locate it that way.

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