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What can TypeIt4Me do for you?

A MacBook running TypeIt4Me 6.0

Abbreviate the things you type most frequently

Use TypeIt4Me to automatically expand your own personal custom-defined shorthand. Find yourself using the word “qualifications” a lot? Why not just type “quls” and let TypeIt4Me do the rest? Keep lengthy words, phrases boilerplate texts and pictures on tap, ready to insert in an instant when you need them.

Correct the typos that usually trip you up

AppleSpell is limited to correcting dictionary words. Add all of your most common misspellings to your TypeIt4Me abbreviations list, then type as fast as you like, leaving Typeit4me to instantly fix those mangled mistakes as you go along. Never mistype your important Hungarian client’s name again :)

Effortlessly insert dates and times

Find dates fiddly to type and even harder to remember? Define an abbreviation that automatically inserts today’s date for you. TypeIt4Me can even perform date and time math, using arithmetical formulae to insert a date that’s, say, two weeks from now without you having to work out what it will be.

Sync with Dropbox, iCloud Drive and more

Use the same snippets on multiple Macs and keep them in sync with the cloud service of your choice. Store sets in Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Google Drive or a shared local network folder. TypeIt4Me 6.0 can also share snippets via iCloud with the TypeIt4Me Touch iOS app.

Autocue: fill-in-the-blanks placeholder prompts

Autocue is a great time-saving feature that’s popular with power users. It enables you to set up fill-in field templates containing placeholder prompts (“cues”) for you to replace with corresponding text or data when a particular abbreviation is expanded.

Run Applescripts when you type shortcuts

Create a new snippet, paste an Applescript into it and you’ll be able to execute that script just by typing a keyboard shortcut. Want to type “om” to make your Mac launch the Mail app and announce “Opening Mail” in a robotic voice? TypeIt4Me makes that possible.

Point-and-click insertion of snippets from the menubar
Show/hide any snippet in menu
Show label, snippet content or both in menu
Pause / resume expansion via menubar icon
Pause / resume expansion via a keyboard hot key
User defined hotkeys
Strip ‘s’ for plurals (no need to define abb twice)
Expand abbreviations referenced in snippets (nesting)
Snippets with formatted text & pictures
AutoCue placeholders, aka “fill-in fields” (pause & prompt for variable input)
Auto date expansion
Date and time math
Restrict any snippet to a specific application
Restrict an entire snippet set to a specific application
Use multiple active snippet files (“sets”)
Reposition cursor on expansion
Case entered affects snippet
Expand number suffixes
Type an abbreviation to execute AppleScript
AutoCorrect using the built-in macOS spell checker
Handle TABs & CRs in forms (type abbreviations to log in)
Create a snippet from selected text
Import from comma and TAB delimited files
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish localization

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