Application Downloads
Here you can download the latest version of TypeIt4Me, or a legacy version that will run on older systems.

For macOS 10.15:

TypeIt4Me 6.2.x installer (23.4MB)

For macOS 10.9 – 10.14:

TypeIt4Me 6.2.x installer (23.4MB)

TypeIt4Me 6.1.x installer (18.6MB)

TypeIt4Me 5.5.3 installer (17.89MB)

For macOS 10.7 – 10.8:
TypeIt4Me 5.4.0 installer  (21.2MB)

For macOS 10.5 – 10.6:
TypeIt4Me 5.2.1 installer  (17MB)

For macOS 10.4 and older:
TypeIt4Me 4.2.1 installer  (8MB)

Please note: we only officially support recent versions of the software, i.e. 5.4.8 and later. We continue to make older versions available to download here as a courtesy to anyone still using a cherished antique Mac. If you run into problems with bugs in these obsolete versions, we may be unable to help you.

Press Kit
Planning to write something about TypeIt4Me? Grab a press kit here. It contains screenshots, app icons and general information.

TypeIt4Me Press Kit (7.93 MB)

User Guides
Download a TypeIt4Me user guide here in PDF format. This documentation will show you how the software works.
Pre-cooked Snippet Sets
Want to hit the ground running? Here are some ready-made .typeit4me snippet sets we’ve prepared for you. Just download, unzip, then double-click the files to open them in TypeIt4Me.

Common words with accented letters:
Accented words (50 snippets)

Emoji smileys, reactions, animals, objects and lots more:
Emoji (900+ snippets*)
*Please note that the abbreviations are in the :emoji_name: format popularised by Slack and other platforms. If you have selected the colon and/or underscore characters as triggers in your expansion preferences you’ll need to change these emoji abbreviations in order for them to work when typed.)

Useful web coding snippets:
HTML & CSS (87 snippets)

Correctly capitalised brands, products & tech:
Popular Brands, Products & Tech (90 snippets)

Copyright, trademark, currency symbols and others:
Symbols (23 snippets)

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