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TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac. It can help you type more quickly and accurately, with fewer keystrokes. Create a library of custom shorthand abbreviations that when typed anywhere on your Mac will instantly expand to become longer ‘snippets’ of text or even pictures. Type frequently used words, names, addresses, phrases and boilerplate paragraphs quick as a flash.

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Use sonorOS to assign your own sounds to any of 36 common macOS system events. Customize alerts, modifier key presses, mouse clicks, window dragging and a whole lot more to play whatever sounds you like. Drag your .m4a, .mp3, .wav or .aif sound file onto an event in sonorOS and it will play every time that event occurs, for as long as the app is running in the background.

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Ever accidentally unplugged your MacBook without noticing? Want to take better care of your laptop’s battery needs? Juice! is for you. It can speak up to warn you when power is interrupted and ask you nicely in a polite British voice to plug in when the charge level drops below a specified level. Never get caught without power again.

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