TypeIt4Me version 5.3 is now available to download from the Mac App Store.  As promised, this latest version includes iCloud support, so you can use your TypeIt4Me abbreviations seamlessly across all your Macs – and with TypeIt4Me Touch on your iPad or iPhone. You’ll notice there’s a new pane just above your TypeIt4Me clippings that enables you to manage your local abbreviation sets and drag them across to iCloud and back again as you see fit:

Screenshot of TypeIt4Me's newly introduced iCloud pane


A note for customers who purchase TypeIt4Me outside of the Mac App Store:

Apple currently only permits applications sold through the Mac App Store to access iCloud, so for now, the incarnation of TypeIt4Me available for direct download from the Ettore Software website will remain at version 5.2.1 rather than 5.3. That’s while we evaluate options for adding some form of access to iCloud, for example via a ‘helper’ application made available separately on the Mac App Store.


  1. Using v. 5.2.1 on Mac OS 10.7.4 and it has ceased to function. I REALLY want to update to the current version but I’m not prepared to pay another $20 to get it. Please solve my dilemma!

    1. Hi Lou
      Unless you specifically want/need to use iCloud, there is no need to update from 5.2.1 to 5.3, as iCloud is the *only* difference between them.
      If you can email details of what is not functioning to support@ettoresoftware.com I’m sure we’ll be able to sort it out.

      If you *do* want to update to 5.3 from the Mac App Store, please look out for a special price offer in the next few days aimed at allowing users who have purchased 5.2.1 directly from https://ettoresoftware.com to purchase version 5.3 from the Mac App Store at less than our usual $8.99 upgrade price.

      Thanks for enquiring,


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