Select Check for updates from the TypeIt4Me menu. If you purchased TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store, the new version will show up in your updates list in a week or so, once Apple approves it.

New or changed features:

  • Added Show Duplicates.
  • Added warning when pasting clippings (cmd-v) would create duplicate(s).
  • In Edit Clippings window, cmd-F now moves keyboard focus to search field, cmd-L to clippings list.
  • Periodic file save now only happens if there are unsaved changes.
  • The position of the vertical split bar in Edit Clippings window is saved and restored.
  • Added the following 3 options, each requested by a single user:
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu noFadeEffectOnMainWindow -bool YES
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu dontProposeContentsOfPasteboard -bool YES
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu AddCmdQ -bool YES
    The above commands need to be typed in Terminal as there is currently no UI for them in the preferences.
  • Added “ALMOST EQUAL TO” (Unicode 2248) to set of punctuation signs (“.,+-~/”) that can precede numerals in abbs that expand number+suffix combos.
  • Users can now add more than one backspace symbols at the start of clippings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes when launching TypeIt4Me when its preferences file has become corrupted.
  • Restored “Trigger on period(.) followed by another delimiter” functionality.

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