1. What’s the status of Sounds4Fun and Lion OS going forward? Is it still in active developement or has it reached end of life?

    1. The intention is to release a Lion-friendly version of Sounds4Fun by the end of the year, yes.
      The current version does work under Lion albeit in 32-bit mode.

      Thanks for enquiring,


  2. Through Lion and Mountain Lion, I just left well enough alone. Sounds4Fun just worked, kind of (Systems Preferences had to be relaunched in 32-bit mode, but I didn’t have to go there often, so why worry?).

    Now with Mavericks the sounds triggered by typing phrases don’t work any more. I tried adding new ones, but they didn’t work either.

    I’ve allowed accessibility access to various programs one by one, I’ve recompiled my AppleScripts where needed… this is the one thing I can’t seem to “fix” for Mavericks.

    Is this something a user can make work? Or is a new version of Sounds4Fun the only solution?

    1. Hi Kevin, sorry to hear that Sounds4Fun has fallen silent. Riccardo will follow up with you by email. Thanks for bearing with us.

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