TapIt4Me – the little brother of TypeIt4Me – is now available in the iTunes App Store, priced at £2.99. TapIt4Me enables you to type much more quickly and efficiently when composing notes, emails and tweets, using the same abbreviations and snippets created in TypeIt4Me or TextExpander. Introduced at the Macworld Conference & Expo earlier this month, TapIt4Me was awarded Best of Show by Macsimum News and MacTech. Save wear and tear on your index finger – check it out.


  1. Sounds cool, I was wondering if you’d manage to do this. Does text expansion work everywhere or only within the app itself?

    – S

    1. Thanks Stefan. Apple’s current ’sandboxing’ policy prevents us (and other iPhone developers) from being able to create an app that will also expand your abbreviations in other apps. If you’re looking for something that will offer you text expansion when typing in mobile Safari or SMS messages for example, there is no product that can do this (to our knowledge at least).

      That said, TapIt4Me can be extremely useful for quickly composing or replying to emails on your iPhone. While Apple’s imposed limitations are admittedly less than ideal and some people may judge it to be too cumbersome, we feel the process is very straightforward once you get into the habit.

    1. To write an email you just launch TapIt4Me, compose your message using your shortcuts for speed and accuracy, then select Mail from the action menu to transfer it to Mail for sending. To reply to an email you just tap Reply in Apple’s Mail app, press the home button then launch TapIt4Me to compose your reply using shortcuts. When it’s ready, select Mail from the action menu and your text will be inserted into the reply message in Apple Mail, ready for you to send.

      Hope this helps…

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