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Ever cursed at your thumbs in frustration and wished you could type faster on your iPhone or iPad? Are iOS keyboard shortcuts not quite cutting it? Perhaps you'd like to be able to use all the TypeIt4Me abbreviations that make typing on your Mac a breeze. Good news: there's an app for that.


Meet TypeIt4Me Touch, our plucky text expander app for iOS.

Yes, it's here: a miniature TypeIt4Me built for iOS. This little beauty enables you to use your own personalized list of short abbreviations that when typed will instantly expand to whole words, sentences or paragraphs ('snippets') of your choosing. As you might imagine, that's pretty handy when you're typing one-handed with your thumb...while hurrying to catch a bus...in the rain.

Armed with TypeIt4Me Touch, you'll no longer have to rely solely on limited iOS keyboard shortcut functionality and Apple's quirky baked-in Auto-Complete suggestions. You can be in complete control - and you can type much faster.


One app. Many uses.

How might you use it? Perhaps you'll decide that launching TypeIt4Me Touch and tapping in the letters "slvs" should always produce, in the blink of an eye: "Sorry, I'm running late again but I'm on my way. Order me a vegetable samosa please". Maybe you'll find yourself using it to jot down notes in class or quickly record your thoughts during a seminar. Or you might possibly fire it up to speedily post pithy bons mots to Twitter when inspiration strikes.

Compose a swift note using your own custom shorthand and you'll then have the option to email, tweet or message it to someone directly from within the app. With the touch of a button you can also copy it all instantly to the clipboard for quickly pasting into another app. You can even save it to use again another day. Why not build up a useful stockpile of fully composed, canned notes ready and waiting to be accessed with the tap of a finger?

Take your Mac TypeIt4Me abbreviations and put them to work in the palm of your hand.

Think of this app as a nimble, stripped down mobile companion to the original Mac version of TypeIt4Me. They play nicely with each other. You can import all your TypeIt4Me abbreviations from your Mac and use them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. What's more, with built-in iCloud support, you can keep all your snippets in sync across all your iDevices. Tidy!


TypeIt4Me Touch for iPad and iPhone

TypeIt4Me Touch - formerly known as TapIt4Me - won a MacTech Best of Show award when it was introduced at Macworld Expo 2009. And that was before we added a bunch of neat features - including a note search function and the ability to have TypeIt4Me helpfully suggest words and snippets as you're typing.


Be the quickest iTypist in the North, East, South or West.

If you think Apple's built-in keyboard shortcuts are cool, we're pretty sure you'll love this app, too. TypeIt4Me Touch will further empower you in the high-speed typing stakes; you'll be able to take things to a whole new level of expediency. Generate multi-line paragraphs with a couple of keystrokes, group your shortcuts for use in different contexts and manage them with ease. Try TypeIt4Me Touch on for size and see how many hours of frustrated typing it saves you. Those weary, overworked thumbs will thank you.



App Details

Price: $4.99/3.99€/£2.99
Version 2.1
Size: 7.3MB
Updated: 25th Aug 2014

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Requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Compatible with iPhone 4 or later and iPad 2 or later.

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