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"Check it out. It's one of my favorite pieces of software--I use it to input all the keywords for Evangelist."

- Guy Kawasaki
Apple Fellow and Mac Evangelist

"This is a product that I literally don't think about until I get on a system that doesn't have it. Then I miss it. I miss it like a missing thing that's missed. It's that handy and useful... If you type a lot and you aren't using TypeIt4Me, you're wasting more effort than you know."

- John C. Welch
ranks it #11 in Information Week's
list of top Mac OS X products

"I've discovered that this program is absolutely great as far as writing is concerned. Having built my data file one word at a time, I can for the first time write as fast as I can think. Or, to type those two sentences with expansion turned off: iv dscvd ta th prg s absl gr afa wrig s ksnd. Vg blt my data file one word at a ti, i c f t first ti wri as fast as ic tq."

- Hendrik Hertzberg
Senior Editor
The New Yorker Magazine

"TypeIt4Me [is] an absolutely indispensable tool. Period. I find more uses and possibilities for it literally every day. In every application. Everything from standard expansion of plaintext abbreviations - to phrases, frequent quotes and information i need quickly- to insertion of images, rich type text, names of authors, artists, names,dates, and so much more. Truly, the only limit to TypeIt4Me is the limit of the user's imagination. TypeIt4Me keeps getting better and better."

- Bill Sienkiewicz
Author / Illustrator

"I really like your product. I teach educational and psychological assessment at a university.
Responding to student work often takes hours, particularly when there are a number of things that need to be said. TypeIt4me has probably cut my grading time in half while allowing me to make very specific recommendations about things that tend to be recurring problems for my students."

- Rick Brigham
TypeIt4Me customer

"Riccardo Ettore's TypeIt4Me is a more powerful and systemwide autocomplete utility that has been around for a while on the classic Mac OS, and more recently on OS X -- and my fingers haven't been quite so happy in a long time."

- Rick Lepage
Macworld, July 2003

"TypeIt4Me is the most intuitive of the expansion utilities."

- Deborah Shadovitz
Contributing Editor and Columnist,

"Thanks for making TypeIt4Me. Among my non-Apple software, your tiny application has consistently proven to be the biggest, best, most-used workhorse in my software arsenal. I can't even begin to fathom the amount of keystrokes I've saved over 18 years — but I can wrap my head around how much stress I've avoided thanks to TypeIt4Me. TypeIt4Me is incredibly personal, yet universally helpful — Thanks, and Bravo!!!"

- Shoshona Perelman
TypeIt4Me customer

"All good now! I was seriously considering going back to 10.8 if TI4M didnt work [on 10.9] - that's how much I love your app."

- Steve Berlin
Grammy Award-winning Musician/Producer.

"Guy Kawasaki said TypeIt4Me changed his life; I'm not sure I would go that far, but I *really* don't see how I could live without it. ;-) It truly is one of the most helpful applications anywhere."

- Helen, a TypeIt4Me user
Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

"We have 5 copies of TypeIt4Me and we have been using this little app since the mid-nineties. During that time this utility has probably saved us thousands of hours when inputting repetitive but different pieces of information into databases and other applications. This little application is a hero and we thank Ettore for his development and continued support of this wonderful little utility."

- Michael Gilbert
Making Plans

"[ TypeIt4me ] for me is…. “a wonderful Game Changer.” I have a learning disability, and have suffered my whole life from a personal embarrassment of not being able to spell, so for me TypeIt4me is nothing short of a revolution in my dysfunctional life and I use it all the time... I highly recommend this simple but powerful tool to anyone, it has really helped me... thank you TypeIt4me. PS… I used TypeIt4me 3 times in this one sentence. "

- David Trevelyan
Sculptor & TypeIt4Me customer

"A spectacular shortcut typing utility" and "a blessing for anyone who uses the Mac for typing."

- David Pogue & Joseph Shorr
Authors, Mac & PowerMac SECRETS

"[TypeIt4Me is] a long running, Mac friendly, well-supported utility. Still the best--Quickeys and Oneclick and the others may do other things, but they just don't do text replacement as well and easily."

- Stephen Fry
actor, comedian, author
and Apple enthusiast

"For those that use a Mac regularly, TypeIt4Me is not optional--it's required productivity software. Even for the fastest of typists, TypeIt4Me is a must"

- Neil Ticktin
Editor-in-Chief / Publisher
MacTech Magazine

"TypeIt4Me has done more to enrich our lives than the internal combustion engine, coffee, sliced bread and Catherine Zeta-Jones combined."

- MacFormat UK
Page 39, March 2005 issue

"If you use TypeIt4me diligently for a few weeks and begin to realize its benefits in your efficiency, you will NEVER - read me, now - you will NEVER want to go back to a machine that doesn't run it."

- Mark Hurst

"TypeIt4Me is one of the best programmes I have ever purchased. I use it all the time and it must have saved me many hours of typing time over the years.You are welcome to use that as a reference anytime and I hope sales are good!"

- Andrew Holt
London, UK

"Typing the same thing over and over is not only tedious, it’s a waste of time and can lead to errors.... Think of TypeIt4Me as an intelligent typing assistant."

- Rob Griffiths
gives 4 and a half mice
in his Macworld review

This is a great, time-saving application for anyone who has a lot of repetitious text to type, especially in word processing applications. I highly recommend it!"

- J R Wildridge
gives TypeIt4Me a 4 mice rating
in Mac Guild Review

"I just used TypeIt4Me for the tenth time today, and it reminded me how much I depend on this program! When I first bought TypeIt4Me, I used it for signatures, addresses and other very short clippings. Then, I realized I could enter as much text as I wanted. Since then, I have more than 25 boilerplate emails, anywhere from one to six paragraphs, that I can send with no effort. I could not believe the number of times I was retyping text until I got this program."

- Craig Olson
TypeIt4Me customer

"I have been using TypeIt4me for years and don't think I could be without it. It lets me prepare letters nearly as quickly as I play the flute..."

- Sir James Galway
aka the Man with the Golden Flute

"I am a professional writer, so spellcheck and word completion software is very personal to me. My correction/completion database is precious, and I literally cannot work without it. Over the last three decades, I’ve tried all such software for the Mac platform. Some have been satisfactory for a while but became obsolete. The rest are awkward, or frankly lame. About five years ago, I downloaded the TypeIt4Me trial program, and it immediately solved every quirk and nuisance problem in the others. In that time, it has gone through three upgrades, and gets better each time. TypeIt4Me makes converting other spellcheck/completion databases easy. Support from Riccardo at Ettore Software has been immediate, precise, and friendly. TypeIt4Me allows completion in styles, in formatted text, in graphics, and in simple text. The database becomes an automatic part of typing, so that words, phrases, and paragraphs leap into flowing text, allowing rapid progress through difficult text blocks. Best of all, TypeIt4Me is a natural DropBox resource that covers me wherever I am, on whatever computer or device I'm using, at any of my workstations. Every "Add Clipping" at one workstation goes immediately to all others because each TypeIt4Me location uses the same DropBox database, which is available on all Internet connections. Get it and you’ll see. It's the serious check/completion software for serious writers who are not computer whizzes."

- Jack Trimpey

"Thank you Riccardo for, in my opinion, the best Mac application ever. #2 is Filemaker Pro."

- Bennett Hart
of law firm Garofalo,
Schreiber, Hart & Storm, Chtd

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System Requirements

This product is designed to run on Intel Macs with the following versions of OS X:

• 10.10 Yosemite

• 10.9 Mavericks

• 10.8 Mountain Lion

• 10.7 Lion

For Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.5, including PPC Macs download TypeIt4Me5.2.1

For older versions of OS X
download TypeIt4Me version 4.2.1 instead

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