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Anglophiles of the world, rejoice. Now you can get the time of day in style with a fully functional miniaturised Big Ben on your iPhone or iPad. Britannia rules.

A throwback to a more innocent time.

Back in the 1980s, an idealistic young developer with too much time on his hands created a revolutionary program for the fledgling Apple Macintosh platform. It simulated a famous Westminster clock tower in 256 glorious shades of grey. Those being simpler days, the Mac community gasped in awe at this ticking, tocking, bonging marvel and it was greeted with a level of enthusiasm not seen since the invention of penicillin.

The developer's name was Riccardo Ettore and the software was snappily titled Big Ben. Today, we're pleased to offer you a revamped, rather more colourful incarnation - updated for the 21st century and ported to a magical device that's considerably easier to carry around than a Macintosh SE 30.

Big Ben for iOS puts one of London's most cherished timekeeping landmarks right in your pocket, replete with authentic Westminster chimes that ring out on the hour, on the half hour and on the quarter hour.

Big Ben iOS app screenshot

That's not all: if you enjoy tweaking things to your liking, you'll be pleased to learn we included some additional options. You can switch on a digital display and / or a hand that ticks away the seconds - features that they neglected to include when they built the real McCoy that's towered over the houses of parliament for the past 150 years.

G'wan, treat yourself - you know you want to, really. It's a daft bit of fun and it'll only set you back a modest 69 pennies, luv.


App Details

Price: $0.99 / €0.79 / 69p
Version 2.0
Size: 11.5MB
Updated: 22nd April 2011

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Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.