Define short abbreviations that when typed will expand to full words, sentences, paragraphs or even images. Still going strong after over 20 years, TypeIt4Me is the original text expander for Mac. This app runs quietly in the background, speeding up your typing systemwide. It works seamlessly with Finder, email clients, web browsers, Office...you name it. Give it a spin. More about TypeIt4Me


Our free iTunes song announcer. For when your Mac is on the other side of the room blasting out tunes in shuffle mode and suddenly an awesome song you haven't listened to in forever comes on. Oh shoot, what's this one, again? Don't sweat it: if you have SpeakMyTunes running, your Mac will read it out to you in an unsettling synthetic voice of your choosing. Check it. More about SpeakMyTunes


Sounds4Fun enables you to assign your own custom sounds to system events such as a window opening, a CD being ejected from your Mac or the Trash being filled or emptied (to name but a few). You can also use it to give your Mac more personality by having it spout sassy vocal soundbites or play musical notes when you type. More about Sounds4Fun


TypeIt4Me Touch is our iOS text expander app for rapidly composing emails, notes and tweets on your iPhone or iPad. Formerly known as TapIt4Me, it was awarded Best of Show at Macworld 2009 by Mactech magazine. Why not use it with your Mac TypeIt4Me abbreviations and save wear and tear on your dainty digits? More about TypeIt4Me Touch


Big Ben

The seminal Big Ben application has been reborn as an iPhone app - and this time it's in colour. A cheeky nod to one of our earliest creations for the Mac back in the 1980s, it ticks, it tocks, it BONGS on the hour. Tell the time of day in style with this famous London icon of Great Britishness. Cor blimey, guv'nor, it's a daft bit of fun, see. ...Please don't hit us with sticks. More about Big Ben




This one does what it says on the tin. Keep an infant entertained (or just indulge your inner child) and play around with our cheap 'n cheerful xylophone app for iPhone. It features realistic xylophone samples, multitouch chords and prongs that move when hit. Break the ice at parties - or annoy the person next to you on the bus. More about Xylophone



Be selective about the contact details you forward. Do you just want to share a work phone number or iChat handle without the mugshot, personal email and snail mail addresses tagging along too? ContactMailer for iPhone allows you to pick and choose which parts of a contact card to share with a third party, rather than forwarding the whole thing. More about ContactMailer