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Special offer on TypeIt4Me has ended 01/08/2011 2 Comments

The 75% special offer in the Mac App Store ended on August 1. Thank you to all who purchased TypeIt4Me and made it climb high in the Mac App Store charts. The price has now reverted to the normal $19.99 both in the Mac App Store and directly from

Special offer: 75% off TypeIt4Me in the Mac App Store. 16/07/2011 No Comments

Hear ye, hear ye! Calling all Mac fans and text expansion enthusiasts. For a limited time only, you can take advantage of a Mac App Store exclusive offer and buy TypeIt4Me for the downright silly price of just $4.99 (USD). There’s no need to rub your eyes, you read that right. $4.99 in US dollars. That’s £2.99 for those of you in the UK and 3.99€ for eurozone dwellers. We’ve gone soft in the head with Lion mania and to celebrate the imminent launch of Apple’s latest big cat operating system – Mac OS X 10.7 – we’ve temporarily slashed the price of TypeIt4Me in the Mac App Store by 75%. This special offer will end on August 1st. If you act fast, you can grab yourselves a stonking great bargain.

Even those of you who have already purchased a TypeIt4Me licence from us directly in the past might wish to consider grabbing it from the Mac App Store* now while it’s as cheap as chips. Doing so would entitle you to free updates for all future TypeIt4Me 5.x versions, meaning you could avoid stumping up the standard $8.99 fee for upgrades that will otherwise come into effect 18 months from your initial purchase. Food for thought, no? Why not spread the word and let your friends get a slice of the action, too. …Mmmmmmm, tasty, tasty TypeIt4Me.

* Note that before buying it from the Mac App Store, you will need to quit your existing copy of TypeIt4Me and move it from your Applications folder to the Trash. Don’t worry, your existing clippings and settings will be preserved. After purchasing TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store, simply double-click your clippings file (usually stored in Home or Documents folder and ending in .typeit4me).

TypeIt4Me 5.2 (49) is released today. 08/07/2011 No Comments

Howdy folks, we’re just poking our heads over the parapet to bring you news that TypeIt4Me 5.2 is out today. This update is free if you paid for a full or upgraded licence after 1 January 2010 – so if you’ve already given us some of your hard earned dosh at some point in the last 18 months, you’re good to go. Otherwise you’ll need to stump up a modest US$8.99 if you want to benefit from the latest features. Can’t say fairer than that, can we?

New or changed features in TypeIt4Me 5.2:

  • We’ve added a spiffy new Date / Time Math function that will expand a date abbreviation of your choosing to a calculated-on-the-fly date and / or time in the future. Or in the past, for that matter… It’s better than a flux capacitor, really. Great Scott!
  • There’s a new way to issue a SHIFT-TAB (which can move the cursor to a cell to the left in a table or to a previous field in a form).
  • As requested by one of our customers, we’ve introduced another ‘hidden’ option. It tells TypeIt4Me not to use just the first four characters of what you’ve copied to the clipboard as a default suggestion when proposing an abbreviation in Add a Clipping:
    defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu shortenProposedAbb -bool NO

    For now, the above command needs to be copied and pasted – or typed – in Terminal as the option is not currently included in TypeIt4Me’s preferences screen.  If this feature proves popular we will look into making it more user friendly in a future release. If you try it and decide you don’t like it, you can revert to normal by firing up Terminal again and entering the following line:
    defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu shortenProposedAbb -bool YES

TypeIt4Me 5.1(45) adds PPC support 03/04/2011 No Comments

A few users alerted me last week that 5.1 (44) no longer worked on their PPC (non-Intel) Macs.

Turns out that in order to compile for PPC, Xcode 3.2.6 now requires manual intervention to change the default setting, which is now Intel only.

Today, we replaced the TypeIt4Me binary included on the distribution disk image with a binary that supports PPC as well as Intel and will run on both Leopard and Snow Leopard:

Unless you are still using a PPC, non-Intel Mac, there is NO need to download this version which is otherwise identical to 5.1(44).

With Lion 10.7 coming later this summer, 5.1(45) may very well be the last PPC-friendly version and we may also be dropping Leopard support, focussing on Snow Leopard and Lion only.

NB This version now supports Command-Q to quit the app. If you prefer NOT to have this, open Terminal and paste in the following command:
defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu AddCmdQ -bool NO

TypeIt4Me 5.1 (44) Released Today 27/03/2011 No Comments

Select Check for updates from the TypeIt4Me menu. If you purchased TypeIt4Me from the Mac App Store, the new version will show up in your updates list in a week or so, once Apple approves it.

New or changed features:

  • Added Show Duplicates.
  • Added warning when pasting clippings (cmd-v) would create duplicate(s).
  • In Edit Clippings window, cmd-F now moves keyboard focus to search field, cmd-L to clippings list.
  • Periodic file save now only happens if there are unsaved changes.
  • The position of the vertical split bar in Edit Clippings window is saved and restored.
  • Added the following 3 options, each requested by a single user:
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu noFadeEffectOnMainWindow -bool YES
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu dontProposeContentsOfPasteboard -bool YES
    – defaults write com.typeit4me.TypeIt4MeMenu AddCmdQ -bool YES
    The above commands need to be typed in Terminal as there is currently no UI for them in the preferences.
  • Added “ALMOST EQUAL TO” (Unicode 2248) to set of punctuation signs (“.,+-~/”) that can precede numerals in abbs that expand number+suffix combos.
  • Users can now add more than one backspace symbols at the start of clippings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed crashes when launching TypeIt4Me when its preferences file has become corrupted.
  • Restored “Trigger on period(.) followed by another delimiter” functionality.

Firefox bug affecting TypeIt4Me and all text expanders fixed 12/02/2011 No Comments

A bug in Firefox can prevent any text expander, including TypeIt4Me, from observing keyboard input because “Secure Event Input” is enabled when a user enters a password but not always disabled when leaving the password field.

This bug was reported back in April 2010 and the Mozilla team have now provided a fix, available in the Firefox nightly build and in an upcoming beta release.

The above bug in Firefox and several other applications, including Quicken, is what prompted us to add a Growl notification every time TypeIt4Me detects that Secure Event Input has been enabled. This will alert the user that TypeIt4Me will no longer expand until Secure Event Input has been disabled.

If you see the Growl message and it isn’t followed by one to say that Secure Event Input has been disabled (once the password entry action is completed, for example), please make a note of what application you are using so we can report this to their developers.

If you do not have Growl installed, we would heartily recommend you install it as it can be very useful over and beyond the TypeIt4Me-related notification.

Lifehacker declares TypeIt4Me the winner 04/02/2011 No Comments

One of our customers has just kindly brought it to our attention that the good folk at Lifehacker have published a pretty comprehensive rundown of all the main text expansion apps currently available for the Mac. They looked at TypeIt4Me, Snippets, TextExpander and Typinator, comparing the pros and cons of each – and ultimately gave TypeIt4Me their seal of approval. We’re always keen to get some insight into users’ perspectives and The Mac Text Expansion Faceoff makes for interesting reading. Obviously we’re chuffed to bits that they declared TypeIt4Me their favourite. It’s always good to hear we’ve still got it after all these years :)

TypeIt4Me 5.0.6(33) released today 17/01/2011 No Comments

Hello. Today we released another update to TypeIt4Me – these are the release notes.

New or changed features:

  • Added ~ and ` to triggers in response to TappingBPP’s comment on US Mac App Store.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that could potentially lead to saving clipping edits over contents of another abb.
  • Fixed crash when expanding in apps that don’t have the Edit menu.
  • Restored “Strip ‘s’ for plurals” functionality.
  • Restored showing of licensee name in About dialog.
  • Now handles adding esc and nbs when clicking All in the Triggers preference tab.

This version is waiting for review at Apple so it probably won’t show up in the Mac App Store for a few days yet. If you bought direct from the Ettore Software website, select ‘Check for updates’ to install the update.

Can I transfer an existing TypeIt4Me licence to the Mac App Store version? 08/01/2011 No Comments

Apple has not yet provided a way for developers to transfer existing licences to the Mac App Store. Our intention, for now, is to continue publishing TypeIt4Me both directly via our website and via the Mac App Store.

The only difference between the two versions is that one handles registrations and updates via Sparkle, while Apple handles those things for us in the Mac App Store version.

The version 5.0.5(30) update became available through our website six days before appearing on the Mac App Store.

Welcome, Mac App Store. 06/01/2011 No Comments

A few hours from now, the new Mac App Store will make its debut. After over two decades of being distributed via the shareware/demoware route, TypeIt4Me will now also be sold through an official Apple storefront. We can’t wait to see how it’s going to affect sales. Make sure to tell all your friends to check out the special introductory pricing.

Happy New Year 2011 31/12/2010 No Comments

We released TypeIt4Me 5.0.5 (30) a few minutes ago, just in time to see in the New Year… in New Zealand’s timezone :-)

You can peruse this page if you want to find out what’s new:

Or this one to check out how our Kiwi friends are celebrating the start of 2011:

Wishing you all the very best for 2011,

Riccardo and the rest of the crew at Ettore Software.

TypeIt4Me tops CNET Editors’ picks 26/11/2010 No Comments

We were very pleased to see TypeIt4Me hold the number 1 spot for two days running on Nov 22nd & 23rd in the “Recently updated editors’ picks” section on CNET. We work hard to ensure our product – now well into its third decade of ongoing development – remains the best in its class. Endorsements like this really make our day. Thanks, guys!