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Wanted: Sounds4Fun beta testers 02/01/2014 3 Comments

Break out the confetti and party hats, because everyone’s favourite whacky noise-enabling Mac app will soon be 64.

64-bit that is: we’re updating Sounds4Fun for Mavericks and the latest generation of Macs. It’s not quite old enough to claim a pension or enjoy free bus travel just yet, though its code heritage does date back to 1987 when its granddaddy – SndControl – was first released.

To cut a long story short, we’re looking for a few volunteers to test drive the new 64-bit Sounds4Fun and help us smooth out any bugs unintentional features that may be hidden therein.

If you’d like to help, please email to let us know why you would like to join the Beta Testers group and what model Mac and OS X version you’d be testing with.

Thanks and Happy New Year! Hope your 2014 has got off to a great start.

Sounds4Fun 1.1.1 released 15/11/2010 4 Comments

Coming 24 hours or so after the 1.1 released on November 14, this .1 update fixes a number of minor bugs reported by users. If you find more or simply have suggestions for further improvements, please leave a comment here or email

Sounds4Fun 1.1 now available 14/11/2010 No Comments

Just when you thought it might never happen, we’re pleased to bring you a brand new version of Sounds4Fun with some added features and a couple of bugfixes.

New features:

  • Three new events have been added: cmd-X, cmd-C and cmd-V. Note that these work by watching you type the commands and they will trigger the associated sound even if no cut, copy or paste occurs. If the new events don’t appear in the list, backup then delete the Sounds4Fun folder in Application Support inside Library and re-install Sounds4Fun.

Bug fixes:

  • Sounds4Fun no longer sends iPhoto into a spinning beach ball when the mouse hovers in between the photos in a large collection
  • Trash sounds now also work on 10.6
  • The alert sound now also works on 10.6, but you might not hear a random sound on every beep as applications seem to cache and keep the first alert they play.

Sounds4Fun 1.0.3 now works with Snow Leopard 04/10/2009 No Comments

Check it out, it works (albeit in 32 bit mode) with Snow Leopard. Also sports a new icon, hope you’ll like it.

Sounds4Fun X 13/03/2007 No Comments

First there was iBeep2, way back in 1987. Then ten years later along came Sounds4Fun. Now, in 2007 we bring you a spiffy 21st century Mac OS X-compatible Sounds4Fun X. It lets you do fun things on your Mac. Fun things involving sounds. Try it, you might like it.