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iCloud woes 09/03/2014 No Comments

Several customers have reported the sudden disappearance of snippet files stored in iCloud. So far, we haven't managed to reproduce this issue on our test devices so we don't know what causes it, let alone how to fix it (should it indeed turn out to be a defect in our code). Meanwhile, please make sure you keep a regular backup of your snippets file so you can easily restore it should it suddenly disappear. See this FAQ item: http://www.ettoresoftware.com/products/typeit4me/faq/#backupsets If you find a reproducible step-by-step set of actions that leads to your snippets file disappearing from iCloud, please do email support@ettoresoftware.com as we would really like to work with you to stop this from ever happening. Thanks in advance for any help you may provide and apologies if our software has unwittingly caused you to lose data and time.

MacTech Live interviews Riccardo [WWDC 2013 video] 01/09/2013 No Comments

Good afternoon, fellow iPhiles. Can you detect a certain fruity autumn buzz in the air? September has rolled around at last and there's just over a week to go until Apple unveils its newest droolworthy range of handheld digital life-enablers. Assuming the steady drip feed of leaked photos is indeed legit, swanky new champagne and graphite models are set to join the family. Looking beyond purely cosmetic developments, though, here at Ettore Software HQ we're keen to see what innovative new hardware features the upcoming iPhone 5S will offer. For our part, fingers are tightly crossed that we'll get an elegant one-touch thumbprint sensor unlocking system, which would do away with awkward PIN-based security and represent something of a godsend to those of us who are, er, all thumbs. ...Anyhoo, we thought some of you might be interested in this recently published video that was recorded during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco. In it, grey-bearded Ettore Software founder Riccardo chats with Neil Ticktin of MacTech Live, sharing some cautious initial thoughts on how the just-revealed iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks might fit in with our company's app roadmap. He may give away little of substance about our future plans, but it's worth watching for the entertaining thumb dance, if nothing else.

An Apple spring: new treats in store, general announcements and other assorted nonsense. 30/04/2012 No Comments

Good day to you fine folk out there in shiny Appletopia! Remember us? We're back with a long overdue update to bring you up to speed with the latest developments and tittle-tattle here at Ettore Towers. We realise the unusually prolonged bout of radio silence may have had one or two of you absently wondering if we'd perished at the hands of frozen night terrors during the winter. Well fear not, for we managed to elude the White Walkers and now that spring has sprung [a leak] we can emerge blinking into the drizzle to give you the lowdown. So just what have we been doing besides slurping porridge and bingeing on Game of Thrones? To cut a long story short, we've been working our socks off. Those of you who've been following our software development efforts for a while will have noticed by now that when we go quiet it means we're super busy squashing bugs, responding to customer feedback and painstakingly building superior iterations of our app offerings. In recent months we've been particularly focused on beefing up TypeIt4Me in order to better support your evolving stenographic text expansion needs. Not only is a Mac update nearing completion, but - without wanting to give too much away - we also have a little treat in store on the mobile side of things. Stay tuned for a forthcoming announcement... ...In other news, after the ringing endorsement TypeIt4Me received from Lifehacker in their Mac Text Expansion Faceoff last year, we're pumped to see the venerable Adam Dachis is still a keen TypeIt4Me user. You can watch him discussing its usefulness in this Take It to the Cloud podcast (about 16 minutes in). The dude's not on our payroll, we swear - he's just awesome :)

BigBen 2.0 now in the iTunes App Store 23/04/2011 No Comments

It's been a long time coming, but we've finally updated BigBen with some hi-res photos and professionally recorded chimes. It now plays every quarter and correctly starts the chime on the hour, to end in time for the first bong to play as the clock strikes the hour. Check it out here and tell all your friends.

Can I transfer an existing TypeIt4Me licence to the Mac App Store version? 08/01/2011 No Comments

Apple has not yet provided a way for developers to transfer existing licences to the Mac App Store. Our intention, for now, is to continue publishing TypeIt4Me both directly via our website and via the Mac App Store. The only difference between the two versions is that one handles registrations and updates via Sparkle, while Apple handles those things for us in the Mac App Store version. The version 5.0.5(30) update became available through our website six days before appearing on the Mac App Store.

Happy New Year 2011 31/12/2010 No Comments

We released TypeIt4Me 5.0.5 (30) a few minutes ago, just in time to see in the New Year... in New Zealand's timezone :-) You can peruse this page if you want to find out what's new: http://ettoresoftware.com/download/Release-Notes30.html Or this one to check out how our Kiwi friends are celebrating the start of 2011: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-12097984 Wishing you all the very best for 2011, Riccardo and the rest of the crew at Ettore Software.

Buy Valium From Trusted Pharmacy 18/06/2010 No Comments

Buy valium from trusted pharmacy, Hello, hello. We just wanted to give you all a brief update to let you know what we're currently up to here at Ettore Towers, valium in usa. Order valium from mexican pharmacy, Understandably, some of you may have interpreted our recent quietness as a bit of a lull in development activity; rest assured, order valium from United States pharmacy, Where can i buy valium online, however, that this couldn't be further from the truth, valium tablets. Next day valium, The hamster never stops spinning in its wheel round these parts - our cosy little office has been buzzing with frenzied activity. So here's the skinny:

  • We're continuing to refine our much cherished, long-standing flagship product TypeIt4Me - like good wine, valium to buy, Online buying valium hcl, it just gets better with age - and there are some new features in the pipeline.

  • We have a nice surprise up our sleeve for Italian would-be TypeIt4Me customers. Stay tuned...

  • We've been throwing around some ideas for a couple of nifty new iPhone apps that we think you'll really like, valium discount. Real brand valium online, Such things take time to develop properly though, so we hope you'll bear with us, fast shipping valium. Online buy valium without a prescription, Without wanting to lay the corny platitudes on too thick: good apps come to those who wait. These puppies will be more sophisticated than our initial forays into app creation.

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Buy Ultram From Trusted Pharmacy 23/09/2009 2 Comments

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New website 26/08/2009 No Comments

We've been very busy getting a new website together and it's almost ready. It’s still very much a work in progress, but we hope you’ll agree it’s an improvement on the previous incarnation. We’re working hard to bring you screencasts, tutorials and a whole lot of new goodies. Please bear with us, we’re a very small team. So small, in fact, that if we climbed into a petri dish you'd probably still need some sort of scanning electron microscope to see us.