New features:

  • TypeIt4Me now handles older as well as latest SpellCatcher XML export
  • TypeIt4Me now also Handles CR (return) in a similar way to TAB when expanding in spreadsheets

Fixed Bugs:

  • The clipboard is restored after expansion
  • TypeIt4Me no longer accepts older registration codes only to reject them later
  • Triggering expansion with TAB no longer leaves the first letter of the abbreviation behind
  • The contents of the clipboard are restored no matter what other modifiers are pressed on cmd-v


    1. Restores the clipboard? Awesome! I had gotten use to it mucking it up. This change deserves at least a 4.3!

    2. I’ve used TypeIt4Me since not long after it was first created…millenia ago in computer years. It’s indispensable for me and is the first application I install when I get a new computer. It has been completely reliable for all these years, and the latest release only makes it better. Even the “problems” with the previous release had satisfactory workarounds.

      Most notable is the consistently good communication and support one gets from Riccardo Ettore…quick responses to emails, and a very friendly manner. I will support his software forever…with gratitude for a job well done.

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